What is The Best Type of Mattress?

what is the best type of mattress

what is the best type of mattress

Perhaps your current mattress is becoming tired and lacking the support it once had or even if you just fancy upgrading your old mattress to a new modern branded one. Understanding what is the best type of mattress for your needs can be a minefield. There are many types of sizes and fillings out there that it can get very confusing and the last thing we want is for you to end up sleeping on something that isn’t right for you. That’s why we have put together this guide to help you understand what is the best type of mattress.


What is the best type of mattress size?

Most people let the size of their room determine the size of their mattress, but in reality the recommendation is this – your mattress should be at least 10cm longer than the tallest person sleeping in it, and wide enough for both partners to lie side by side with their hands behind their head without elbows touching. Sounds like a bit of an odd test, but it will ensure that you have enough space to get a relaxing night’s sleep without bashing into someone, rolling them (or being rolled!) out of bed or having your toes dangling out.

We’ve drawn up a table to make it a bit clearer to see the different options available and some recommendations to determine your best size.


Size (ft)

Size (cm)

Small Single

2’6” x 6’3”

75cm x 190cm


3’ x 6’3”

90cm x 190cm

Small Double

4’ x 6’3”

120cm x 190cm


4’6” x 6’3”

135cm x 190cm

Euro Double

4’8” x 6’6”

140cm x 190cm


5’ x 6’6”

150cm x 200cm

King Zip & Link

2 x (2’6” x 6’6”)

2 x (75cm x 200cm)

Euro King

5’3” x 6’6”

160cm x 200cm

Super King

6’ x 6’6”

180cm x 200cm

Super King Zip & Link

2 x (3’ x 6’6”)

2 x (90cm x 200cm)


What is the Best Type of Mattress Springing?

Mattresses come in a range of springing systems meaning there is something to suit everyone’s budget. Here is an overview.

Open Coil

Open coil springing system is the most affordable of all spring systems. The springs are arranged in sideways rows, and all joined up at the top and bottom with a thinner wire. They also sometimes have a wire frame or support rod at the edge of the mattress. Another name for this springing system is Bonnell Springs.

Best For: This sort of mattress is best for occasional use and children’s beds, and is a great budget option.


Pocket Sprung

Mattresses that have a pocketed springing system are the most supportive. A pocket sprung mattress has lots of individual springs with each one encased in its own little fabric pocket. Each spring works independently offering exceptional support to the contours of your body, and a general rule of thumb is the higher the pocket spring count the more supportive your mattress will be.

Best for:Pocket sprung mattresses are best for everyday use and general pressure relief. They are the most popular type of mattress available.


Reflex Foam

Reflex foam mattresses are made of a medium to heavy density foam that contours to your body shape and recovers to its original shape quickly. It has pressure relieving properties and moulds to your body by the displacement of air bubbles in the foam.

Best for: Cosier foam alternative to memory foam and is a softer alternative to the firmer foam options available.


Memory Foam

Developed by NASA, visco-elastic foam – or memory foam as it is better known by – is responsive foam that uses the heat from your body to mould to your contours. It is great for pressure relief and offers great support, and recovers back to its original shape over a short period of time when you are no longer lying on it.

Most memory foam mattresses are actually sprung mattresses with a comprehensive layer of memory foam on top. Some have extra layers of memory foam instead of springs often referred to as pure memory foam mattresses.

Best for: Excellent support for those with back problems as it applies even pressure to your body at all points.



Latex is similar to memory foam, but is a naturally occurring material sourced from rubber trees. It is pressure responsive as opposed to heat responsive and offers fantastic support and pressure relief.

Best for: It has anti-microbial properties which inhibits dust mites, bacteria, and funghi. This is especially good for allergy sufferers.


Natural Fillings

Most mattresses have a combination of fillings, usually a layer of a structural filling consisting of springs or foam and several layers of fillings to make the mattress more comfortable.

Cotton – This is a fantastic natural filling that can offer cooling properties due to its ability to breathe and to absorb moisture.

Lambswool – This offers a luxury feel, and is resilient and is breathable. Lambswool is a natural insulator, and works with your body to keep you cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter.

Mohair – Angora or mohair is regarded as one of the most luxurious fillings you can have in your mattress. It can prolong the lifespan of your mattress as it is incredibly resilient, and it is wonderfully soft.

Cashmere and Silk – These add the ultimate luxury feel to your mattress, and is a combination of the softest of natural hair. Hand teased, they offer the perfect balance of comfort and resilience.


What is the Best Type of Mattress Topper?

As well as the springing system and all of the natural fillings available in mattresses, extra levels of comfort with some mattresses come by way of memory foam, latex or pillow top packed with natural fillings.


Memory Foam

This is a supportive layer that contours to your body. The parts of your body making most contact with the memory foam will cause it to contour around you giving you great support.


Pillow Top

Pillow top mattresses add a luxurious extra layer on top of your mattress providing you with extra comfort and support. The fillings in a pillow top mattress give a more sumptuous and luxurious feel, and often have a cosier feel to them.



This is a natural filling sourced from rubber trees. Think of it as the natural alternative to memory foam, it offers fantastic pressure relief and support by contouring to your body, and has an extremely luxurious feel.


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