Turn your bedroom into a palace with Millbrook’s new royal-inspired range

Sandringham Deluxe

Sandringham Deluxe

Do you believe you deserve to sleep like a King or Queen? One of Land of Beds’ favourite manufacturers, Millbrook, do. That’s why they’ve made a royal announcement – three new mattress designs that are guaranteed to make any bedroom palatial. The Sandringham Deluxe, Windsor Deluxe and the Buckingham Deluxe offer the best of British craftsmanship at prices that won’t break the Bank of England.

Millbrook understand the science of sleep and know that in order for you to feel at your best, you need to wake up each new day feeling rested, renewed and with a positive and healthy outlook on life. That’s why they have poured their sleep know-how into three handcrafted designs, which use only the finest materials to ensure the maximum comfort.

Traditional hand-finishing further extends the life of the bed to make each Millbrook product a classic that will reign supreme in your home for years to come.

So what makes this product line so special?

Layers of comfort in luxurious fabrics:

Just like the royals, Millbrook have chosen only the finest fabrics to offer sumptuous layers of comfort in their brand-new designs.

The Sandringham Deluxe boasts the finest silk fibres for durability, luxury and support; while its lamb’s wool layer provides both coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. Offering superb comfort, lamb’s wool also has hydroscopic properties encouraging the evaporation of body moisture.


Windsor Deluxe

While retaining the lamb’s wool layer, instead of silk, the Windsor Deluxe benefits from cashmere – history’s softest natural hair – for exquisite comfort.

The Buckingham Deluxe (as you would expect) boasts all three, as well as an Egyptian cotton cover for luxurious softness and added durability.

Individual support that’s as unique as you:

The upper and lower layer of springs work together to deliver ultimate comfort and support; shaping to your body’s contours and absorbing changes in weight distribution. As a general rule, the more of Millbrook’s individual hand-nested pocket springs you invest in, the more support you’ll receive as a sleeper.

The Sandringham Deluxe has 2000 and the Windsor Deluxe 2500, while the Buckingham Deluxe has a massive 3000!

More mattress for your money:

Hand side-stitching extends the amount of space you can sleep on right to the mattress edge by supporting the mattress walls. The Sandringham Deluxe has two rows of hand side-stitching as standard or why not upgrade to three with the Windsor Deluxe or four with the Buckingham Deluxe?

Buckingham Deluxe

Buckingham Deluxe

With all three designs, the following features also come as standard:

  • Soft, medium or firm – choose a mattress tension that best suits you
  • A massive 10-year warranty for ultimate buying confidence
  • ‘Zonal Edge Spring System’ science to prevent ‘roll-off’. Two rows of firmer springs on either side will keep you where you want to be – luxuriating, undisturbed on your new mattress
  • Soft Cotton Layer – For comfort and to complement the spring unit
  • Hand-tufted upholstery – A symbol of true craftsmanship; fillings are secured by hand, with tufts from the top of the mattress to the bottom
  • Side air vents – To help your mattress ‘breathe’ – creating a fresh, dry sleeping environment.
  • Double Sided Regular Turn Mattress – Help the fillings to settle evenly by turning over and rotating your mattress once a week for the first three months and then once a month thereafter.

A price point to reflect your budget:

Prices listed below are all for a double-size mattress. Other sizes in the range include small single,single, small double, double, king-size, super king-size and super king-size with zip and link.

The Millbrook Sandringham Deluxe  – £699

The Millbrook Windsor Deluxe  – £799

The Millbrook Buckingham Deluxe – £949

Would you like to sample the Millbrook range? Call into our flagship showroom in Helsby (no royal appointment needed!) or visit our Millbrook pages online – http://www.landofbeds.co.uk/millbrook

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