Top Five Best Hotel Beds


A week or two away in a nice hotel is great, with all-inclusive food and drink and a pool-side bar. What more could you ask for? Perhaps one of the Best Hotel Beds in the World?

Let’s face it, those other things are great but to really get a restful holiday or even just a nap to defeat jet lag, a good hotel bed is what you really need.

Hotels in recent years have put a lot of time into getting their bed experience just right. Not only by adding Posturepedic mattresses but also loading up the pillows and using really fine linens.

The whole experience has actually turned peoples attention to buying a hotel bed for their home an why not? Durability and comfort trusted by the best hotels in the world.

Most people think the best hotel beds are only available to big hotel chains and  luxury resorts. Several hotels brands are so passionate about their bed offerings, they even sell them directly online. But at over $3000 (that’s about £1800 to you and I), that’s a lot of bed for your money.

Fortunately for you, we stock the very same beds that hotels have so you can get your hands on one of the best hotel beds in the world.

In this article I will be giving you a rundown of the top five best hotel beds available and why!

#5 Sealy Ullswater Hotel Bed

Best Hotel Beds

The only Sealy bed in our top five, the Ullswater Hotel Bed is renown to ensure a really good night’s sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Sealy work in conjunction with the American Orthopaedic Advisory Board, whose research and development programmes have put them as the cutting edge of the “Science of Sleep.”

However this mattresses is bespoke for the hospitality sector, so it’s more durable than your average domestic mattress.

That means that they are built to last and are capable of years of trouble free usage, day after day, month after month, year after year. These beds and mattresses are ideal If you want to enjoy the feel of a luxury hotel bed in the comfort of your own home.

A truly luxurious double sided micro-quilted mattress for the ultimate in 5 star luxury. This includes Sealy’s world famous Posturetech spring system for superior support and comfort including edge-guard for greater durability.

Like all the best hotel beds, all Sealy hotel mattresses are specially treated to help eliminate Bed Bugs too.


#4 Relyon Dreamworld Contract Ortho Hotel Bed

Best Hotel Beds

This bed represents what you would expect of a traditional hotel bed, quite plain in colour and a standard headboard. However, if it was just a plain bed it wouldn’t have made it in the top five best hotel beds.

The Dreamworld Contract Ortho provides superb levels of comfort and support with the convenience of being non turn and easy care as it only needs rotating and not flipping over.

Featuring a firm perimeter support that allows the sleeper to sleep up to the edge of the mattress with no roll off. With 1050 pocket springs it will shape perfectly to your bodys contours offering excellent support.

The Relyon range of hotel beds have been awarded the FIRA Gold Product Certificate is the independent third party product validation scheme for the furniture industry. Basically it means the bed will provide a consistent level of performance throughout its lifetime.


#3 Hypnos Ortho Silver Hotel Bed

Best Hotel Beds

Hypnos have been practicing and perfecting the art of making luxury pocket spring beds and mattresses by hand since Edwardian days. With over 100 years of bed making experience it;s no wonder this hotel bed comes with a staggering 10 years guarantee!

Hypnos is the only bed manufacturer to actively supply the British Royal Family. A Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II provides Hypnos with a ‘mark’ of excellence and reinforces Hypnos’ reputation for the best of British quality.

This bed would have made it into the best hotel beds top five on it’s features alone;

  • ReActive™ 8 pocket spring system. Every spring has 8 active turns – The more active turns in a single continuous pocket spring the greater its ability to sense the exact comfort and support.
  • Silk Layer
  • Wool Layer
  • Silver+ Antibacterial Protection.
  • Belgian Damask Cover.
  • 2 Rows of Hand Side Stitching –
  • Chrome Air Vents
  • Seasonal Turn – This mattress should be turned ‘Seasonally’ once every 3-4 months.

It also comes in over 24 different colours to really put the icing on the cake.


#2 Relyon Dreamworld Contract Luxury Hotel Bed

Best Hotel Beds

This is the big sister of our number four best hotel beds and you can see why it made it into our number two spot.

First and foremost, it’s a genuinely beautifully crafted bed.

Like its little sister, this bed has been awarded the FIRA Gold Product Certificate so not only is it great to look it, it’s durable and long lasting too.

That’s as far as the similarities go.

This Dreamworld Contract Luxury divan from the new Relyon hotel bed range is upholstered with soft white fibre, wool and cotton blend and traditional hair to achieve an extremely supportive feel.

With 2200 pocket springs, over double than that of its little sister bed, it will shape perfectly to your bodys contours offering excellent support.

If you prefer a softer mattress then look no further. As you can probably tell by the mattress, this bed comes in soft or medium tensions giving you that cloud-like feeling when you lay on it.


#1 Hypnos Ortho Gold Hotel Bed

Best Hotel Beds

At last, we have found our number one out of the best hotel beds in the world. The Hypnos Ortho Gold Hotel Bed.

A balance of a beautifully crafted bed frame, a firm mattress made with the most luxurious materials and a long lasting 10 year guarantee.

‘Awarded the Comfiest Bed in the annual “Best Kept Secret Awards” by for the last four years’

Hypnos provide the best hotel beds to some of the largest hotel chains in the world including

  • Rocco Forte
  • Intercontinental
  • Holiday Inn
  • Marriott
  • Ramada
  • Malmaison

Hypnos also provide the beds the Premier Inn which gives them confidence in their good night guarantee.

Here is our video presentation of why this bed tops the number one spot for our top five best hotel beds.

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