The Top 3 Relyon Mattresses


relyon mattresses

  • Relyon are one of the best global bed and mattress makers.
  • Relyon are well-known for their use of the best natural fillings.
  • Relyon provide a broad and versatile range of mattresses.


Relyon claim to offer “The best beds in the world”. While that may be a bold claim, they certainly put a good case forward:

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • First class materials
  • Time and effort spent in the fillings (the comfortable bit)

As a brand they have been around for a long time and provide a broad range of beds of mattresses. But that doesn’t make them a jack of all trades. They provide excellent value and likely have a bed or mattress for your budget and tastes.

If you choose a Relyon mattress, you won’t be making the wrong decision. This post is designed to give you the top 3 Relyon mattresses that our customers have chosen from the entire range. So let’s have a glance:


 Relyon Kingsley Mattress

Relyon Kingsley Mattress

This mattress is by far our most popular Relyon mattress due to the value it provides. It ticks a number of boxes and is also incredibly reasonable in price.

The Kingsley is from the Classic Collection, with 1000 pocket springs for the ultimate comfort and support with a reflex foam filling that has hypo-allergenic properties.

It is the only mattress in our top 3 Relyon mattresses that has a layer of reflex foam.

Mattress Tension: Medium

Our expert says: The Kingsley is one of our top recommended’ mattresses, you can take our customers word for it!  Great price and excellent quality and comfort which will leave you finding it hard to get out of bed.


Relyon Braemar Mattress

Relyon Braemar Mattress--double

Unlike the Relyon Kingsley mattress, the Relyon Braemar is a substantial step up in terms of:

  • Number of springs; almost 50% more springs for a total of 1400.
  • Quality of fillings; a blend of sumptuous cashmere, silk and cotton will give you superior comfort.
  • All round comfort and quality; much more time and effort has gone into the Braemar which is why it features as our preferred-choice in the top 3 Relyon mattresses.

Mattress Tension – a choice of soft, medium and firm.

Our expert says: This mattress provide excellent quality because it uses the most comfortable natural fillings available. This represents luxury quality for a mid-range mattress.


Relyon Grandee Mattress

Relyon Grandee Mattress--double

The Grandee from Relyon is one of the finest mattresses available, produced by master craftsmen, a totally bespoke bed for the ultimate restful sleep.

The Grandee has a double layer of 2400 pocketed springs and is upholstered with luxurious materials.

Where this Relyon mattress is uniquely different from the others is through its lashings of wool, cashmere and mohair fillings for a luxurious feel and extra comfort.

You even have the added luxury of choosing what level of tension you need.

Mattress Tension – a choice of soft, medium and firm.

Our expert says: Perfect for those who truly value a good night’s sleep and will invest in a mattress that will offer it. The best materials and fillings will give you a perfect night’s sleep.

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