The New Year’s Resolution you CAN keep: 5 ways to wake up feeling refreshed every day

With the nations’ Christmas trees on borrowed time and our livers slowly un-pickling, thoughts naturally turn to the shiny new-year ahead; an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and commit to New Year’s Resolutions designed to reinvigorate both body and mind.

It won’t come as much of a surprise to us perennially sleep-deprived Brits to learn that ‘averaging eight hours sleep’ or ‘sleep better’ are consistently among the top 10 most popular New Year’s Resolutions.

The good news is, a great night’s sleep is within everyone’s reach with our Land of Beds sleep life hacks – designed to ease you into 2016 with a clearer mind, boosted energy levels and less aches and pains.

  • Invest in a top-quality mattress – You’ll spend an average 26 years of your life asleep, which makes investing in a top-quality mattress a no-brainer. Start by honestly appraising your preferred sleeping style. Is a degree of firmness or tension critical to your good night’s sleep, or do you like to feel luxuriously cushioned? Voted THE Comfiest Mattress by for the past four years, the Hypnos Ortho Gold relieves pressure on the lumber region and expertly cushions your shoulders and hips. The medium tension Relyon Kingsley, with its resilient foam layer, is ideal for sleepers who want to feel supported in key areas – eliminating night-time discomfort caused by pressure points. The Sealy Appleton – voted a ‘Best Buy’ by the respected consumer champions Which? – is our best-selling high-tech ‘all-rounder’.
Tempur Comfort Cloud

Tempur Comfort Cloud

  • Choose the right pillow for you – An industry-leading pillow tailored to your sleep preference is critical if you want to enjoy good spine health; to alleviate aches and pains; and to enjoy night after night of blissful sleep. From micro-cushioning beads to latex with bounce-back technology, there’s a host of fillings to choose from that are all tailored to your unique sleep preference. See our sleep experts’ guide to five of the best or opt for the Tempur Comfort Cloud – the pillow of choice for people of all sleeping preferences.


  • Complete the look – Now you’ve selected your mattress and pillow, it’s time to have fun deciding on the final look of your bed. Nail two New Year’s Resolutions in one by choosing a divan base with optional drawers or an ottoman – perfect for storing bed linens and towels out of sight for a tidy start to 2016. A headboard in matching fabric to coordinate with your base will create a stunning focal point in your room, adding lashing of boutique hotel-style glamour!

Mobile phone 1

  • Ditch the tech – Resisting the siren call of Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds is another popular New Year’s Resolution and if you want to ease yourself into a reenergising night’s sleep, turning off your mobile phone is critical. The nasty artificial backlight from your screen plays havoc with the chemicals in your brain – throwing your body clock into freefall, inhibiting the release of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin and activating neurons that boost alertness. Here’s our top tips on how to turn off, tune out and kick tech into touch after dark.


  • Making time for friends and family – Whether it’s your teenage daughter ricocheting home from university after another insufferable break-up or your best mate who has had one too many for the road, you never know when an unexpected guest may need a comfy place to get their head down. Strengthen your social bonds by having a ‘pop-up’ guest bed to hand in the form of a roll-up mattress. Manufacturing has come a long way since granny had to make do with a camp bed; today’s roll-up is crammed with the exact same technology as your regular mattress including luxuriously contouring memory foam. The Breasley Dreamworld Carina starts from just £129 while our ‘best of the best’ option – the Comfort Memory Sleep Comfort Mattress – is only £169. Order one today and tuck it out of sight till your first guest of 2016 arrives!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016? Comment below as sharing resolutions is proven to increase the likelihood of keeping them!

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