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How to stay cool in bed when the heat is on

Leg in or leg out? Duvet on or duvet off? When it comes to sleeping during hot, sweaty summer nights, the choices and (torments) are endless. Your bed should be a cool, pleasurable haven to retreat to after a day of fun on the beach (or sweating it out in the office). Yet somehow, it’s hotter than the Devil’s armpit and less tempting than the last burnt banger on the BBQ. If your sleep is being interrupted by too much heat too often over summer, here’s how you can cool down and get ...

5 Ideas for a summer bedroom makeover

As the weather starts to heat up for summer, it’s difficult not to dream of lazy days spent basking in the sunshine.

Top Tips to Sleep Soundly this Summer

With higher temperatures and longer days, summer  has us pining for sunshine all year round. But while these can be great for socialising and getting ourselves outdoors it can also cause havoc on those essential 40 winks. Being woken by sunrises as early as 4:37am (yes, really!),  and tossing and turning because of the heat are just a couple of reasons we lose sleep in the summer months. We've put together a little list of top tips to get your all important 8 hours in the summer.   Dar...