Sleep Good, Feel Good: Create the perfect sleep environment for National Sleep In Day

Turn off your alarm clocks… put that ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your bedroom door.

Here at Land of Beds, the countdown to National Sleep In Day has officially begun!

On Sunday 25 October (joy of joys) the clocks go back – giving everyone a whole extra hour to lounge around in bed!

Quite rightly, our friends over at the National Sleep Council have dubbed it a national day of celebration. They’ve teamed up with sleep expert Kathleen McGrath to look at the science behind creating a perfect sleep environment.Perfect Sleep Environment image

(Pssst… As any bed-lover will tell you, it’s all about preparation!)

  • Just the right temperature – If you’re too hot or too cold, you can kiss goodbye to uninterrupted sleep. Your body’s ‘happy place’ is between 16 and 18 centigrade.

Top tip: Choose a mattress with in-built temperature control technology like the Relyon Pocket Comfort 1050 Mattress, which has a Coolmax® fabric cover. Let the latest sleep technology take care of regulating your body heat while you nod off in bliss!

  • Become a ‘Dark Knight’ – Light robs you of sleep by interfering with the chemicals in your brain and disrupting your body clock, so go on a mission to cut it out completely. You don’t need that kind of sleep negativity in your life.

Top tip: Invest in lined curtains which offer a ‘black-out’ effect to create your perfect sleep cocoon.

  • Free from distractions – What’s taking your mind off a good night’s sleep? Laptops, mobile phones, the telly and computer games should all be strictly off-limits in the bedroom.

Top tip: Read our blog on how to unplug from your mobile (seriously, it’s killing your sleep!).

  • Get comfortable – Lumpy, sagging, sad-sack mattresses get two thumbs down from Land of Beds. Why would you do this to yourself? Especially when there are so many memory foam and pocket-sprung mattresses to choose from that will mould to the contours of your body – evenly distributing your weight and nestling you in layers of everything from luxurious Egyptian cotton to lamb’s wool, silk and cashmere. You spend a third of your life in bed, so make it a comfy one!

Top tip: Check out our Mega Mattress Sale for autumn bargains you’ll love!

  • Relaxing – Is your bedroom a shrine to relaxation or a cluttered, unfocused mess? If you want fantastic dreams, invest the time to create a bedroom that will inspire them.

Top tip: Before Sunday, clear your precious sleeping space of anything that isn’t useful or beautiful. Recycle old magazines, donate unwanted clothes and bric-a-bac to your local charity shop, and use scented candles and oils to soothe jangling nerves.

Finally, do the kids know it’s National Sleep In Day? Be sure to remind them how much they deserve a lie-in too (mummy or daddy would REALLY appreciate it!).

For more tips on creating the perfect sleep environment, click here.

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