Sealy Seattle Mattress Review

Sealy Seattle Mattress Review

Most people who are reading this Sealy Seattle Mattress Review would have at some point owned a Sealy Posturepedic in the past or something similar.

In most cases you were probably once very happy with your current mattress but you know it’s now time for a new one as it’s lost it’s original firmness and maybe getting a little dated.

First and foremost, the Sealy Seattle Mattress is a mid-to-high range mattress with a higher than average build quality. This type of mattress is for someone;

  • who is looking to replace their old Sealy (or similar) mattress with a new softer one.
  • who knows the Posturepedic Range but is looking for something with a softer comfort rating
  • who appreciates the orthopaedic research and development behind the posturepedic mattresses.
  • who wants the security of the Sealy brand, a global leader and recognisable name.

The Sealy Seattle Mattress has a micro quilted pillow top mattress. The pillow top actually has  800 mini pocket springs and these sit on top of Sealy’s unique Zonal 1400 pocket springs offering total spinal alignment and support.

The mattress also features Sealy’s patented Unirail, a high density foam strip placed inside the edge of the mattress springs. This prevents the mattress from sagging and gives both longer life to the mattress and edge-to-edge support.

However, Sealy Seattle Mattress costs over £1000 so we felt compelled to explore what options are available for a cheaper mattress that has similar features.


What are the alternatives to the Sealy Seattle Mattress?

The Sealy Seattle Mattress fortunately has an alternative, which is also a Sealy brand mattress, the Sealy Pocket 1400 Siena Mattress. Sealy Seattle Mattress Review

Like the Sealy Seattle Mattress, the Siena has a soft rating which is delivered by the very same 1400 Pocketed Springs which are inserted into hard wearing pockets.

Both the Sealy Seattle Mattress and the Sealy Pocket 1400 Siena feature multiple zones of motion and weight responsive pocket springs to provide total spinal alignment, whilst the patented Unicase design surrounds the springs for total edge-to-edge support.

Both mattresses also feature a deep layer of Innergetic latex for outstanding comfort and pressure relief. The Innergetic mattress is composed of a latex mixture that contains a large proportion of natural latex. The excellent resilience of the Innergetic mattress ensures exceptionally smooth sleeping movements.

All the Support of a Posturepedic. All the Comfort of a Pocket.

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