Relyon Headboards Product Focus

relyon headboardsIf you are looking for that something special to really set your bedroom off, why not look to a Relyon upholstered headboard? Relyon headboards can transform the look of your bedroom in the blink of an eye, and they’re a breeze to install as well.

Relyon headboards can add warmth and comfort to your bedroom, and with such an incredible range of colours there really is something to suit everyone. You can get a colour to tone in with your current colour scheme, or why not choose a different colour to change the look of your bedroom?


With our Relyon headboards range we offer a fantastic selection in all sizes – from the traditional to the contemporary.

You can even get your Relyon headboards to match your divan if you are buying a whole bed.

Each model in our range of Relyon headboards is upholstered in the finest of fabrics, and they are all padded making them fantastically comfortable for sitting up in bed while you read, have a brew or catch up on the news. They are the pinnacle of comfort and luxury, and come in a range of heights and widths to suit all tastes.


Relyon headboards are designed to fit all standard divan beds so you needn’t worry that it won’t be the right size.


Why not take a look at our Relyon headboard range to choose a stylish addition to your bedroom?

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