Relyon Connoisseur Mattress Review

Relyon Connoisseur Mattress Review

First and foremost, the Relyon Connoisseur Mattress is a mid-to-high range mattress, usually just above the £1000 mark. This Relyon Connoisseur Mattress Review is for anyone looking to replace their old Relyon Connoisseur Mattress or maybe looking to see if there is an alternative of similar quality.

The Relyon Connoisseur Mattress is made from Belgian Damask which is a woven fabric that features on the majority of mattresses. Generally, this woven fabric is referred to as  ‘Belgian Damask’, although many of the damask fabrics have never been through Europe, never mind Belgium.

The Relyon Connoisseur Mattress has a pillow top with mini pocket springs for a soft surface support. This is designed to soften the already 2200 pocketed springs that are designed to contour to your individual body shape for comfort and support.

The reason that the Relyon Connoisseur Mattress is a mid-to-high range mattress because it comes with luxurious deep fillings including soft white fibre, silk, lambs wool and cashmere.

The mattress has a medium firm rating and also includes a reinforced foam border around the perimeter of the mattress which is designed to stop it sagging and hold it shape.

The Pillow Top with Mini Pocket Springs are designed to provide that extra soft and ‘cloud’ feeling’ for that cushiony feel. However pillow top mattresses can come at a price and for a mattress that costs over £1000 you may want to consider something similar in quality and features for less.


What are the alternatives to the Relyon Connoisseur Mattress?

The Relyon Connoisseur Mattress has an alternative, which is also a Relyon brand mattress, the Relyon Marseille Mattress. Relyon Marseille Mattress

LIke the Relyon Connoisseur Mattress, the Marseille is a pillowtop mattress with a soft sumptuous surface enhanced by lambswool, cashmere and silk. It is also has a medium firm rating which is delivered by the very same 2200 Double layer Pocketed Springs are inserted into hard wearing pockets.

Unlike the Relyon Connoisseur Mattress, the Relyon Marseille Mattress is a No Turn Mattress – however, we do like to advise that all mattresses, even No Turn Mattresses, should be rotated once a month for the first 3 months and then every 3 months thereafter to prolong the life and comfort of the mattress.

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