Pillow Talk: How to give the gift of a great night’s sleep this Christmas

Soap-on-a-rope, embroidered handkerchiefs and comedy socks… step away from the bad gifts this Christmas, people! No-one will thank you come Christmas Day, as they mentally consign your parcel to the back of their draw and plaster on a rictus grin.

Christmas is an opportunity to give someone you love a gift that will enhance their physical and mental wellbeing all year round; a present that makes them think of you with a smile every single day… a great-quality pillow.

Critical for good spine health, an industry-leading pillow can alleviate or prevent many common forms of back and neck pain – providing sumptuous support the whole night through.

The cushioning effects will help everyone from mum to granddad gently ease into rejuvenating, restful sleep – cushioned on their own personal cloud of heaven.

Here’s our five best buys – all with guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery:

Best of the Best: Tempur Comfort Cloud – £85

Tempur Comfort Cloud

Tempur Comfort Cloud

The pillow of choice for people of all sleeping preferences, the Tempur Comfort Cloud effortlessly walks that fine line between exquisite softness and reliable support. Packed with literally thousands of Tempur Extra Soft micro-cushions, it protects the head and neck while ticking all those luxurious comfort boxes that sleepers tell us they love. Buying a gift for someone who has allergies or asthma? The Tempur Comfort Cloud is a great choice! It’s dust-free and sterilised – plus the dual-sided soft-touch cover can be washed at 40°C (promoting a healthy night’s sleep). The rectangular shape means it glides into standard pillowcases, so your delighted friend or relative can plump and preen to their heart’s content! A free three-year guaranteed comes as standard.

Side Sleepers’ Heaven: Dunlopillo Super Comfort Pillow – £55

Dunlopillo Super Comfort Pillow

Dunlopillo Super Comfort Pillow

A bit like Ronseal, the Dunlopillo does exactly what it says on the tin… It provides a Super Comfort sleep experience that’s best enjoyed by those who sleep on their side. The deep, firm pillow surface contours instantly to the head and neck while – thanks to bounce-back technology – it retains its overall shape for total support night after night. The open cell structure of the latex promotes outstanding air circulation and reduces humidity – preventing moisture build-up to prolong the lifespan of the pillow, which has a free five-year guarantee. Allergy sufferers LOVE the Super Comfort; dust mites cannot live on its surface and both the pillow and luxurious soft polyester knitted cover are hypoallergenic for total peace of mind.

Hypnos Low Profile

Hypnos Low Profile

Stomach or Back Sleepers’ Fantasy: Hypnos Low Profile – £59

If your gift recipient sleeps on their stomach or back, the Hypnos Low Profile is heaven sent. The only bed manufacturer with a warrant to supply the Royal Family, Hypnos have invested 100 years of learning into designing a resilient Talalay latex pillow filling that instantly cradles the head and neck – providing superior comfort, support and pressure relief. With a plush washable velour covering, the Low Profile is ultra-breathable to keep sleepers cool and dry, and hypoallergenic to tackle dust mites and bacteria. A 10-year guarantee comes free as standard!

Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe Pillow – £55

The Serenity Deluxe boasts all the same high-tech anti-allergy design benefits of the Super Comfort (listed above), but comes in a slimmer design. It’s ideal for those who prefer a more shallow, softer sleep surface and who sleep on their front or back.

Bargain All-Rounder: The Fine Bedding Company Duck Feather & Down Pillow – £20Fine Bedding Company

The Duck Feather & Down Pillow is of medium tension – ideal for people who don’t require a firmer tension, but who still want to feel luxuriously supported the whole night through. The softness of the feather and down, and the 100 percent cotton cover, ensure total comfort – as designed by The Fine Bedding Company’s committed sleepologists. Available in either standard or square shapes, specialist cleaning is recommended for this design.

Top tip: Not sure if your recipient sleeps on their stomach, back or side? Let their bed partner in on your plans and ask them to report back.

Did you know that for a limited time only, two free pillows come as standard with selected beds in our Winter Sale? Shop now for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery!

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