National Stop Snoring Week 2016: 5 ways to get snoring under control for a good night’s sleep

TV personality Judge Judy has been accused of it. Arguably the greatest footballer of his generation, Lionel Messi, is rumoured to keep his teammates awake with it. Tom Cruise reportedly does it so loudly, he had a soundproof ‘snortorium’ built… It doesn’t matter whether you’re a celebrity, a member of royalty (Prince Harry, we’re looking at you) or an everyday ‘Joe Bloggs’ – the snoring curse can strike anyone.

Snoring cannot be cured, but the good news is that it is controllable. Identifying the cause of this affliction is the first step towards quieter nights! Sadly, those of us who enjoy overindulging will see that on this list, drinking alcohol, overeating, a lack of exercise and smoking are common culprits. Cutting back on all (or any) of these can drastically reduce the problem – even if life is a little less fun. However, nasal stuffiness, allergies, your sleeping position or sleeping with your mouth open are all recognised causes too. If you really want to move on positively, it’s crucial to be honest about your lifestyle choices and sleeping habits when diagnosing what is the root cause of snoring for you.

‘How can I stop snoring?’ is the question most commonly asked of the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association. They’ve developed a simple online interactive snoring test so you can identify the best treatment for you; take the test here.

Five possible treatment options include:

Nasal strips and dilators, which prevent nostrils from collapsing.

Mouth breathing devices, which promote nasal breathing (and also minimise dreaded ‘morning breath’ – caused by sleeping with your mouth open).

Nasal hygiene and allergy relief – tackling stuffy noses caused by allergies, which can lead to sleep-disordered breathing and snoring.

Mandibular Advancement Devices, which hold the lower jaw and tongue forward – creating more space to breathe (especially helpful if you’re a tongue-based snorer).

Snore Calm® products – clinically proven and manufactured specially for the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association.

Do you sleep with a snorer?

The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association would like to know about your experiences. Take the quiz online here to support their research.

To help you enjoy quality sleep too, try these Snore Calm® ELITE foam earplugs, with the highest Noise Reduction rating of 37dbs!!

A word on Sleep Apnoea

Snoring is different to sleep apnoea, which is defined as a cessation of airflow during sleep – preventing air from entering the lungs caused by an obstruction. If the episodes last for longer than 10 seconds at a time and occur more than 10 times an hour, they’re clinically significant. For more information on Sleep Apnoea and support, click here.

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