National Sleep Strategy plea backed by leading bed indie

Waking up to the health benefits of sleepAs an award-winning independent bed retailer, we’re proud to back calls for a national sleep strategy and “slumber number” to guide the public on how much sleep they should be aiming to get.

The Royal Society for Public Health’s report Waking Up to the Health Benefits of Sleep, issued today, states: “Sleep is as vital for survival and health as food and water”. Yet worrying findings that illustrate the scale of the nation’s sleep deprivation problem include: one in three people are suffering from a sleep disorder, over half of the public (54 percent) have felt stressed from poor sleep and one in 10 people take medication to sleep.

“These statistics are, sadly, less surprising that they should be; they reflect the feedback our Sleep Experts receive when new customers come to us who are desperate to enjoy the renewing, refreshing health benefits a good night’s sleep can offer,” says Mike Murray, our Managing Director.

“We fully support The Royal Society for Public Health’s call for a national sleep strategy and a “slumber number”. Sleep is the cornerstone to enjoying positive wellbeing – especially as poor sleep is associated with depression, cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. That’s why we continually invest in training for our Sleep Experts and are committed to implementing best practice from the latest sleep research.

‘Our in-house strategy has been to work in partnership with the Chiropractic Association to create a team of holistic back care specialists that include Chiropractor Gillian Smith, Master Personal Trainer Kit Wong, Advanced Bodywork Therapist Emi Howe and Back Care Range Advisor Victoria Lewis. Innovations have included our Chiropractor open day, giving sleep tips and advice to our customers.

‘Our Sleep Experts guide our customers throughout the bed or mattress selection process so they can choose a high-quality product that not only offers total comfort but promotes improved circulation, cushions and supports the lumbar region and other pressure points, and offers a hygienic night’s sleep so they wake feeling rested and energised.”

The report also sets out what The Royal Society for Public Health believes the public, government, employers and others can do to give sleep the parity it deserves alongside other important public health considerations so that everybody has the opportunity to get the sleep they need to optimise their health and wellbeing.

It’s recommendations include: healthcare professionals carrying out screenings for sleep problems and offering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as a treatment; employers reviewing existing guidelines and, where necessary, developing new ones; and covering sleep in the school curriculum under Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education.

To see the full official report click here.

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