Mo Farah Receives Gift of Good Night's Sleep

With gold medal hopes pinned on our legendary long-distance champ, we decided to do our bit and give Mo Farah the gift of a good night’s sleep.

We donated two luxury pillows to Mo Farah so he can get a good night’s sleep before his big race on the 1st August.

Mike who works for us here at Land of Beds is a huge fan.

“I follow Mo Farah on Twitter and he’s always posting photo’s of himself laying down on the running track floor after training. He’s recently been training in Font-Romeu in France. Mo’s going to need something better than a hotel pillow to get a good night’s rest, so we thought we’d help him out by giving him two of our most comfortable pillows”

Farah, the double World and Olympic Champion, has had to overcome injury recently. He was admitted to hospital with abdominal pains, forcing him to miss the Glasgow Grand Prix at Hampden Park and the recent Anniversary Games.

The Commonwealth Games are held every four years, which include the Commonwealth of Nations usually highlighted by England, Jamaica, Canada, Australia and Kenya.

“As a long time fan, I know he’s been training hard to get over his injuries. I know there is nothing more important than a good night’s sleep to keep you fit and focused. At least with some comfortable pillows, he’ll have a good chance to give it his best.”

The girls in our team went the extra mile and made him a personalised pillow case for his pillows in his beloved GB colours.

Mo Farah Land of Beds

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