Land of Beds help the Widnes Vikings to sleep!

Widnes Vikings Head of Strength and Conditioning Jon Clarke and Sports Nutritionist James Morehen are taking extra steps to aid the Vikings players sleeping patterns this year and the Land of Beds are happy to be helping with that!


Sue and Lauren with some of the team.


We were very inspired when James discussed the Vikings philosophy regarding both nutritional strategies but also the health and well-being of players. James eluded to the fact that the well-being of all players is monitored daily and as such areas for individual improvements can be highlighted like sleep quality and the amount of hours actually spent asleep in bed’ It was all very interesting and just what us bed boffins here at the Land of Beds like to hear about.

James said ‘From having discussions with Jon, who retired only last year, sleep quality and duration was an area that we really wanted to monitor with the players. They have gone through a heavy, high intensity pre-season and that takes its toll on the body. Evidence shows that those athletes who reduced sleep hours are at a greater risk of injury than those who sleep more than 8 hours. This makes sense and with us now well into the season, recovery from games and training is of paramount importance for the players to rest, adapt and re-energise ready for the following game week. There were a few players that in our opinion could be sleeping better and for longer and as such it made sense to seek out local partners who could help us’

‘Land of Beds have been fantastic from the start, not only coming to the club with a range of pillows for the selected players to try but also supporting our philosophy this year and providing the players with new pillows to generate improvements straight away’

The players learnt about all the different pillows we offer and got to try several different options from Dunlopillo, Hypnos and other leading brands before they decided which was best for them.We are loving hearing about how the team are sleeping better and look forward to our partnership moving forward!


Sue and Caroline with Denis Betts



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