Would your mattress pass the “stranger test”?

Let’s put that another way… If a stranger saw your mattress, would you cringe with shame?

If you have young children undergoing toilet training who like to tuck up with you, a penchant for eating and drinking in bed, tend to sweat throughout the night, or a health complaint that causes occasional light incontinence, it’s critical to safeguard your mattress investment to keep it fresh, healthy and free from unsightly stains.

In addition to hiding a thousand sins, modern mattress protectors have undergone an evolution… Benefiting from the latest in sleep science, they not only create a healthy sanitised sleep zone, they enhance your comfort throughout the night, while protecting you and your mattress.

Stretching snugly over your mattress, they’re also easily removable for machine washing.

Here’s five things to look out for when choosing the perfect mattress protector.

An extra layer of comfort: There’s no such thing as being too comfortable… Providing an extra layer of softness and warmth, a mattress protector is the cherry on top of the icing – taking your mattress’ current comfort rating to the next blissful level. Choose from materials such as spun cotton, fleece and terry towelling for a sumptuous and enticing finish.

Allergen-free: Dust mites and bacteria caused by breeding inside your mattress can be a significant cause of asthma, rhinitis and eczema. If you’re prone to skin irritations or breathing difficulties, a mattress protector provides an effective barrier to both.

Liquid defence: Bodily fluids such a sweat and urine can cause unsightly stains to your mattress’ pristine cover, as well as being unhygienic. Look out for mattress protectors with breathable 100 percent polyurethane, which absorbs heat for a cooling sleep surface, and effectively prevents moisture from flowing through your sheet into your mattress.

Durability: You’ll want to remove your protector on a regular basis to give it a renewing, refreshing wash. To maximise your investment, choose brands that are tried, tested and quality checked for up to 200 cycles and guaranteed for up to 10 years.

Easy-fit: Four-way stretch helps to snap your protector snuggly in place, making it a doddle to fit and remove your protector. For added peace of mind, choose a brand with additional corner straps to anchor it securely in place.

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