Guest Blog by Slumberland: Storage Beds – Your Perfect Storage Solution

Are you facing a burgeoning storage crisis, like the one pictured above? Most of us would say we don’t have enough storage in our homes and quite often this is because we simply don’t have enough space available.

Storage beds are a perfect solution as everyone needs a bed, but they give you the added bonus of storing all your bits and bobs out of the way, so you can maximise the bedroom space you have.

Being two pieces of furniture rolled into one – a bed and a cupboard – the storage bed is a useful and clever investment piece. The philosophy of the ever-popular minimalist trend ‘less is more’ is truly incorporated within its design, allowing for a decluttered and spacious bedroom which does wonders for the mind and body, as well as being bang on-trend.

Regardless of your room size, the Slumberland Harmony Collection offers a choice of 4 storage options in a variety of different sizes and colours to suit your individual needs and style.

4 drawers A4 Large Drawers

This option, pictured left, features two full-size drawers down each side of the bed to give you maximum available space. 2 drawers A

2 Large Drawers & 2 Small Drawers

The two large drawers at the foot of the bed and the two small drawers at the head of the bed – pictured right – is a good option for smaller bedrooms and allows for bedside tables.


2 Large Drawers

Foot of Bed AIf you’re lacking space to open side drawers at the head of the bed, this option –pictured far left – features two large drawers at the foot end of the bed.Slumberland Ottoman


If space is limited but you require maximum storage space, the Ottoman is your perfect option. The Slumberland Ottoman – pictured left – has powerful spring and hydraulic arms making it easy to open and close without the need to take off the mattress.


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