Fright Night: Halloween poll – What’s the Greatest Ever Horror Movie?

Please note: ***Spoiler alerts ahead!*** 

Forget tramping the streets ‘Trick or Treating’ this Halloween. Curl up under the duvet instead with a classic blood-curler on the telly, and a pillow to muffle your screams!

Here’s our top five shouts for the greatest ever horror movie, best watched from the comfort and safety of your bed.

Comment below and tell us which gets your vote (or what have we missed from your personal top five?).

The Evil Dead (1981) – “Where are we?” All-American college kid Scotty said. ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ he almost certainly thought… Well, unwittingly releasing flesh-possessing demons for one. As his mates succumb one-by-one, poor Ash is left in a desperate battle to make it till dawn as the Evil Dead close in… Made on a shoestring budget by Sam Raimi, who almost single-handedly invented the cabin sub-horror genre, this is one cult classic that may leave you rethinking that cute woodland getaway to Centre Parcs!

Memorable Moment – Committing the cardinal horror sin of ‘going outside to investigate the strange noises’, Cheryl has an unforgettable encounter with a tree…

Friday the 13th (1980) – Unlucky for some… Especially anyone inclined to head to Camp Crystal Lake – the scene of tragic schoolboy Jason Voorhees’ (Ari Lehman) drowning. Understandably, Jason’s mum is pretty upset, not least because the two counsellors charged with looking after her boy were ‘otherwise engaged’ at the time. She’s prepared to go to desperate lengths to stop the camp from being reopened by (you guessed it) a bunch of teenagers in a wood… All-in-all there have been 12 ‘Jason’ slashers, so if you’re planning a mega box-set, best to start early this Saturday!

Memorable Moment – That awkward moment when you’re draped over a canoe regrouping your fractured mind and a deformed boy leaps out of the water to pull you under the surface. An iconic horror character is born within the final five minutes of the movie.

Scream (1996) – ‘What’s your favourite scary movie…..?’ One year on from the death of her mother, angst-riddenScream Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) finds herself the target of ‘Ghostface’ – a masked serial killer terrorising the teen population of sleepy Woodsboro. With everyone in the frame (including Sidney’s own boyfriend), this slick Wes Craven ‘whodunnit’ slasher, which mimics popularised movie conventions and is synonymous with 90s horror, inspired three sequels and even a spoof franchise – the ‘Scary Movie’ series.

Memorable Moment – Drew Barrymore, childhood star of ‘E.T.’ is found hanged and gutted outside her parents’ home, sparking the search for the Woodsboro High murderer.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Fancy a Halloween all-nighter? Pop this supernatural slasher on and there’s no danger you’ll be going to sleep any time soon. A group of teenagers living on Elm Street are stalked in their sleep by scar-faced killer Freddy Krueger – a fan of both Dennis the Menace-style striped jumpers and the razor-sharp clawed glove aesthetic. Whatever you do… stay awake to survive.

Memorable Moment – Movie heart-throb Johnny Depp makes his screen debut at the age of 21. Craven asked his daughter which actor he should cast and the rest is film history.

Halloween (1978) – No.1 for obvious reasons… What could be more appropriate for a Halloween scare-fest? After stabbing his eldest sister to death with a kitchen knife on Halloween at the tender age of six, messed-up Michael Myers (Will Sandin) is condemned to a sanatorium, where he escapes 15 years later. The years have not diminished Michael’s taste for murder and, dressed in a now-iconic jumpsuit and white mask, he begins stalking high school student Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis in her debut role) on… you’ve guessed it… Halloween. In what has now become a Hollywood franchise, John Carpenter’s initial success spawned seven sequels, a 2007 remake directed by Rob Zombie, and a 2009 sequel to the remake, which is unrelated to the sequel of the original.

Memorable Moment – The queasy synthesised film score is an acclaimed masterpiece, which was composed by writer/director John Carpenter.

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