BA (Hons) in Sleep Studies: ‘First Class’ roll-up mattresses for your uni digs

You’ve spent the summer chilling and enjoying Netflix at home in your gorgeous, comfy bed.

Now it’s time for the start of Freshers’ Week at university. Who knows what shenanigans have gone on in your new bed in halls! Private accommodation is no better.

But fear not. Even the dodgiest bed can be new-to-you with a roll-up mattress for a bargain price… we’ll even deliver it to your new digs!

And don’t think that means you have to scrimp on quality. Today’s breed of roll-up is every bit as good as your mattress at home. Think memory foam and the latest sleep-enhancing technology, plus they are super easy to care for.

The only question is, which one will you pick?

Carina on DivanThe Bargain BaeBreasley Dreamworld Carina Mattress £129.00

The Dreamworld Carina Mattress from Breasley is all about comfort on a budget. Think the great night’s sleep you can’t live without from home, with a price tag that won’t eat into your beer money.

No-one to cuddle up to? The memory foam will mould and contour to your body shape till you get sorted during Freshers’ Week! Then toss and turn to your heart’s content; this mattress will spring right back into shape.

Its high density core means this is perfect if you’ve got a bit of a bad back – it’ll keep your spine aligned at all times.

Plus the non-quilted cover is totally machine washable, so you can keep it as fresh and hygienically clean as the day we deliver it to you!

The Comfort KingRelyon Pocket Comfort 1050 Mattress £159.00Memory-Pocket-Comfort-1050-Roll-Up

Why wait ‘til Spring Break, when you can have springs every day? It’s easy to forget that there’s other options than memory foam sometimes, but we’re going to say it loud and proud: “We love springs!”

Shaping to your body contours and absorbing changes in weight distribution, the 1,050 individual foam-encased springs in this mattress will give you a ‘First’ in sleep studies by the time you graduate.

Hot-stuff in the bedroom? The Coolmax® fabric cover is a unique material which helps maintain your body temperature during sleeping, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.

It’s suitable for all types of divan and slatted bases, and rolls up neatly for easy transport. Simply grab-and-go when you need to change accommodation. You’ll love it so much, you’ll want to take it home during the holidays!

comfort-box-and-logoThe Connoisseurs’ ChoiceConcept Memory Sleep Comfort Soft Mattress £169.00

Love your sleep as much as we do at Land of Beds? Then you’ll want to invest in a mattress produced by a craftsman!

Like all the best things, this connoisseurs’ choice comes from up north… Lancashire to be exact. Concept Memory Sleep are part of the prestigious Guild of Master Craftsmen and they use only the finest materials ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience.

If you’re allergic to dust mites – this is the mattress for you; especially if you have asthma. Designed with 20cms of high density Softer Reflex Foam, it will eliminate pain and discomfort, allowing you to reach untold levels of sleep. (Just don’t blame us if you miss your morning lectures!)

As you’d expect, the quilted cover is luxurious with four-way stretch to provide soft cushioning and added comfort. Like to keep your bed in tip-top condition? Simply zip off the removable cover and send it to the dry cleaners for a refresh!

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