Airflow 5000 Mattress Review

Airflow 5000 Mattress Review

  • The Airflow 5000 Mattress is a low-mid range mattress.
  • Usually around the £500 mark.
  • Good replacement for similar quality mattress.

The Airflow 5000 Mattress features a healthy 1280 pocketed springs that are designed to contour to your individual body shape for comfort and support.

These springs are encased in memory foam that helps reduce tossing and turning by eliminating uncomfortable pressure points and adding ventilation.

The Airflow 5000 Mattress is a non-turn, which means you don’t need to turn it regularly. However it is proven that regular turning can prolong the life of any mattress.

It has a hi-tech breathable border which works to keep the filling cool and fresh

The mattress has a medium tension rating and also includes a reinforced foam border around the perimeter of the mattress which is designed to stop it sagging and hold it shape.


What are the alternatives to the Airflow 5000 Mattress?

The Airflow 5000 Mattress has an alternative, which is a Relyon brand mattress, the Relyon Pocket Memory Classic Mattress.

Like the Airflow 5000 Mattress, the Pocket Memory Classic features a comfortable memory foam layer. It is designed to shape itself to the contours of your body and then spring back into shape when pressure is released.

The Pocket Memory Classic benefits from having more pocketed springs, 1500 spread over two layers.

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