5 Ideas for a summer bedroom makeover

5-ideas-summer bedroom makeover

Bring a little sunshine to your bedroom

As the weather starts to heat up for summer, it’s difficult not to dream of lazy days spent basking in the sunshine. With the spring cleaning behind you and long balmy nights on the way, what better way to celebrate than by bringing a little sunshine into your bedroom?

Whether you’re tired of your bedroom decor or you want to improve your sleeping environment, summer is a great time for a change, and you need not look any further than the weather when it comes to finding some inspiration.

Transform your bedroom for the upcoming season and not only can you keep it looking cool and fresh, but you can make sure it’s the perfect place to have sweet dreams this summer.

From splashes of colour to beach house vibes, here’s our pick of the best ideas for a summer bedroom makeover.


Nautically inspired

Dreaming of a day at the beach? Then why not bring the seaside to your bedroom with a marine-themed makeover?

Fresh white walls are the perfect starting point for a coastal theme and they provide a blank canvas that you can dress with accessories. Choose royal blue accents and lots of blue and white stripes, from cushion covers and bed linen to blankets and picture frames. Pattern mixes work well with this simple colour scheme, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different kinds of stripes and some block colour items such as navy blue scatter cushions and bold bedspreads.

Painted white floorboards will help open out the room further, giving it an airy, fresh feel, while natural wood floors will give your room a rustic edge.

If blue isn’t your colour, opt for a red and white colour scheme for a contemporary alternative on the traditional nautical style.

Decorating your bedroom with a nautical theme is the perfect excuse to try upscaling some of your current furniture. If you’re feeling inventive, swap your standard drawer handles for ones made with rope to channel those sailor vibes, or wrap some brown twine around your current handles to give them an instant makeover.

Find some marine rope if you’ve got curtains that need tie backs, or head to the nearest coast for some beach combing to find some interesting and unique decorative objects. Shells and pebbles make ideal centrepieces stacked up or scattered in elegant plain vases, but if you’re feeling really brave, why not go on a hunt for some driftwood, and build your own customised headboard?




A bedroom in bloom

Nothing says summertime more than florals.

Mother nature is the perfect inspiration on this one, and she’ll give you an endless colour palette to choose from. Take a peek at your nearest bed of flowers to get the creative juices flowing and pick out some of your favourite shades to start with.

Whether you want to change your entire decor or just add some summery touches, floral prints can be incorporated across the bedroom. If you’re looking for a transformation, why not ditch the wall paint in favour of some wallpaper? Today’s collections include a huge array of modern patterns and designs to choose from. Go for broke and paper every wall, or stick to a feature wall behind the bed if you don’t want the entire room covered.


As an alternative to papering the walls, mount some of your favourite wallpaper in photo frames and hang them above your bed. They’re quick to make and easy to change when you want to take a different direction.


For a more subtle touch, wall decals give you the chance to experiment with touches of colour and pattern. Choose a vine and have it trailing across your room, or opt for some delicate flower heads and pepper them across the walls. You can even paint your own interpretation with some stencils.

Bright floral bedding is the perfect way to bring the outside in, but be sure to keep cool amidst the flowers with a breathable mattress. Choose one with a natural insulator, which will not only keep you cool in the summer but it’ll ensure you stay warm in the winter. Hypnos Ortho Gold mattress is made with a wool layer, which will provide you with some natural insulation. It even comes in a some summary shades that will sit happily within your floral colour scheme.


Hypnos Ortho Gold Mattress


Give your floral bedroom that perfect final touch with a vase of freshly cut flowers. Not only will they look beautiful, but they could help you sleep better. Floral scents such as jasmine and lavender are known for their relaxing properties, so choose a bunch of these for some sweet dreams.



Rainbow brights

Summer is the season of colour, so there’s no better time to introduce some bright shades into your bedroom decor. If your usual colour scheme is quite neutral, with some simple accessory choices, a brightly coloured bedroom could be just a few cushion covers away.

Colour blocking is a great way of introducing some bold colour into a room. Opt for fresh white sheets and choose some bold soft furnishings to give your bedroom a more vibrant feel. Choose a bold coloured throw and some contrasting cushion covers to really make the bed stand out.

If you want to go the whole hog and make a commitment to colour, why not paint a feature wall in a striking shade? It’s a great statement for any bedroom, and when mixed with light walls it’s an ideal way of bringing colour to  a room without making it look small.

Alternatively, create your own version of a feature wall with a feature headboard. Choose some brightly coloured fabric and cover a standard headboard, or hang it behind your bed to give the room an instant facelift.

Source:  Squint Limited

Source: Squint Limited


Delicate pastels

Pretty pastels are ideal for a bedroom that is in need of a lift, and they’re the perfect shades for summer. Opt for soft feminine hues such as lilac and nude for a romantic feel, or choose sky blues and lemon yellows for a fresh and soothing look.

Pastels are perfectly paired with a shabby chic scheme, so introduce some vintage accessories to your bedroom to give it a timeless, classic feel. Go on the hunt for items  such as lamps, candles, picture frames and vases for an eclectic and unique look.

Mirrored furniture will add a touch of art deco to your bedroom, and they sit perfectly alongside a soft colour scheme. Choose a pair of mirrored bedside tables to give your bed a luxurious feel, or find a mirrored drawer unit to open out the space and reflect the light in the room.

Pastels also sit superbly with natural materials and furnishings. Create a relaxed and calming environment with linen bedding and pastel striped cotton cushion covers. Finish it off with a jute rug to give your decor a warm and welcoming farmhouse feel.



White out

There is no cooler colour than white. With the sunshine flooding through your windows come summertime, it is the perfect season for keeping things crisp and fresh.

Clean white walls will open out any space and make the most of the natural light. If you have wooden floors, embrace a Scandinavian approach to your interior, taking the scheme further by painting them white too.

You can add some texture with wood panelling along the walls, or if you’re lucky enough to have some exposed brickwork, why not paint that white too? Don’t fear if your home wasn’t made for brick walls and panelling, you can fake it with some photographic wallpaper.

Maximise any natural light and let it flood the room with open windows and white window coverings. Plantation shutters will give your room a colonial touch while soft sheer curtains will flow in the breeze and give the room a dreamy feel.

Give your pared down bedroom some structure with a sturdy dark wood bed frame, but be sure to dress it with crisp white linens to keep the room fresh for the whole season.



Whether you’re mad about colour or all about the monotone, summertime is the ideal season to go on the hunt for interior inspiration. Open the windows, let the fresh air flood in and invite a little sunshine into your bedroom.







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