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5 Ideas to keep children busy in the bedroom while you sleep

Reclaiming the lie-in You know for most parents, the prospect of a lie-in in the morning fades as soon as your little one is welcomed into the world. It also seems as though early morning starts are on the agenda for at least the first 13 years, but what if you could find a way of getting a few more moments of peace in the morning? Whether you want some extra minutes of rest on a weekday morning or you’re looking to reclaim your lie-ins at the weekend, we are here to help. We’ve raided the ...

How to create the perfect bedroom for a great night's sleep

Sleep. We all need it, we all get it, but some of us aren’t getting as much as we need. If you’ve ever suffered from a bad night’s sleep then you’ll be well aware of the effect it can have on your day. But what if you’re struggling to get a full night of sleep several times a week? The NHS recommends we get between six to nine hours of sleep per night, but according to The Sleep Council, a third of us are only getting between five and six hours, while 70% of the nation sleeps for ...

5 Ideas for a summer bedroom makeover

As the weather starts to heat up for summer, it’s difficult not to dream of lazy days spent basking in the sunshine.

Sleep- The key to exam success!

With schools study leave in full swing, students revising for their GCSE and A level exams will be feeling the pressure to succeed. As they battle through the most stressful month of the school year, The Land of Beds have some tips for surviving The Exam Weeks–with a good night’s sleep being one of the most important tools for doing well. Jessica Alexander of The Sleep Council says: "How students manage exam-time stress can have a huge impact on their ability to perform under pressur...

Land of Beds help the Widnes Vikings to sleep!

Widnes Vikings Head of Strength and Conditioning Jon Clarke and Sports Nutritionist James Morehen are taking extra steps to aid the Vikings players sleeping patterns this year and the Land of Beds are happy to be helping with that!

Airflow 5000 Mattress Review

The Airflow 5000 Mattress features a healthy 1280 pocketed springs that are designed to contour to your individual body shape for comfort and support.

Top 3 Relyon Pillow Top Mattresses

There is no better feeling than sinking into a comfortable Relyon pillow top mattress. These top 3 Relyon pillow top mattresses let you do exactly that.

The Top 3 Relyon Mattresses

  Relyon are one of the best global bed and mattress makers. Relyon are well-known for their use of the best natural fillings. Relyon provide a broad and versatile range of mattresses.   Relyon claim to offer “The best beds in the world”. While that may be a bold claim, they certainly put a good case forward: Excellent craftsmanship First class materials Time and effort spent in the fillings (the comfortable bit) As a brand they have been around for a long time and ...

What is the best Relyon roll up mattress?

  The Relyon Memory Pocket Comfort 1050 is the best-selling roll up mattress. Most popular among buyers. Suitable for all types of divan and slatted bases. Has an added memory foam top layer. If you’re considering buying a foam roll up mattress it’s likely you are looking for something practical. Relyon rollup mattresses are delivered already compressed and rolled, you can opt for pick up in store instead of waiting for delivery in case you are in a rush. Also they are ideal ...

Top 3 Hypnos Bedstead Mattresses

Hypnos are one of the best British bed and mattress makers. Bedstead mattresses can be used on a range of different bed frames Hypnos bedstead mattresses come in medium tension as standard There is no better feeling than sinking into a sumptuously comfortable mattress, allowing it to hug and hold your entire body. The range of Hypnos bedstead mattresses give you excellent quality whilst retaining your existing bedstead or bed frame. Because you are exploring Hypnos pillow top mattresses, ...