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How to Sleep with a Bad Back

The more you toss and turn, the more it hurts. But the more it hurts, the more you toss and turn! Learning how to sleep with back pain is the first step in improving your condition. Back pain is incredibly common. It is estimated that four out of every five adults (80%) will experience back pain at some stage in their life. We decided to consult one of our Back Care Experts, Gillian Smith, who is a qualified and experienced Chiropractor. Gillian has helped people learn how to sleep with a bad ...

Back Pain After Sleeping

It’s quite common for people to feel some kind of back pain after sleeping. Feeling stiff, achy and even some pain is quite common in the morning until your body “wakes up”. In fact our research shows that back pain after sleeping is a condition that has been increasingly researched online. Below is a chart showing how many people are searching using the term “back pain after sleeping” Back pain is very common; according to a survey published in 2000 almost half the adult popula...

What is the Best Mattress for a Bad Back

Our resident back care expert Vickie answers an FAQ about the Best Mattress for a Bad Back.

What is the Best Pillow for a Bad Back?

Gillian Smith, trained Chiropractor answers the question, What is the Best Pillow for a Bad Back?