2014 Annual Staff Sleep Over


Once a year we invite our staff to sleep over in the Sleep Studio so they get a first hand experience of what it feels like to sleep on the same beds and mattresses that we provide to our customers.

On 2nd July 2014, the land of beds staff stayed the night in our Deeper Sleeper Studio to review the latest range of beds and mattresses.

We want our staff to be able to talk honestly and confidently about our beds and what better way than to actually spend the night sleeping on them. So when our advisor’s tell you that one bed may be firmer or softer than another, it’s usually because they have slept in it themselves.

 It makes perfect sense, if you work in a car garage, the staff are encouraged to road test the vehicles. It’s the same in restaurants, all chef’s try their own dishes before serving them to customers and we’re just doing the same.


The Annual Sleepover is incredibly popular with our staff as it also allows them to let their hair down in a more informal environment. It gives the staff an opportunity to talk shop in relaxed environment whilst enjoying some food and drink.

Even though it seems like a bit of fun, it’s actually a good training exercise as staff are more knowledgeable about the different type of beds and mattresses available.

We know it’s a great team building exercise too as it’s not often our staff get to share the same bedroom with their colleagues.

The Sleep Council urge people to try mattresses and beds before they buy one, we’re just making sure that our staff can be more confident before people ask advice to make their own choices.

The Deeper Sleeper Studio is in the Helsby store and provides the perfect environment for The Annual Staff Sleepover. It has different bed, mattress and pillow combinations for people to try out before buying.

“People spend a third of their life in their bed so it’s an important decision. The Deeper Sleeper Studio was created to help people make the right decisions about what bed or mattress they wanted to spend the next 20,000 hours of sleeping on.”


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